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August 18, 2018

The place where one grew up is probably one of the hardest places to take pictures. It is hard to really appreciate the the beauty of a landscape that surrounds you every day and you just consider to be normal. Living somewhere else for a time helps but I'm still having a hard time visualizing the potential for good images which is why there are only a few images here.

Panoramic view over the Upper Inn Valley, created by combining four portrait oriented images together. I was at this spot a few days prior taking this shot and the sun was piercing through the clouds just like that. I didn't have my camera with me at the time and also didn't think I'd get another chance with these great conditions, but luck was on my side this time. What gets me is the nice contrast between the light and the dark side of the image.

I'm usually not a big fan of panoramas but every once in a while it's the way to go. Stitching a few images together means some extra effort in post processing but it is certainly better that carrying a hugely expensive and otherwise pretty useless extreme wide angle lens. And then there is the added benefit of a higher resolution of the resulting image. The most important thing to bear in mind however is not to overdo it. A common rookie mistake that is especially prevalent with smart phone photographers is to try to get like a 180° angle of view which results in a ridiculously long but narrow image that can't be properly viewed on any device. What are you planning on doing with that - print it on a pencil?

This is pretty much the same view but from the exact opposite direction. Due to the fact that an extensive hike was required to get to that spot the time of day is less than optimal.
Some say it's only a tree. I say it's a much needed foreground to a landscape image.
I was just passing through this place after taking image #1 in this post. I had to make a quick stop to capture the scenery.
My trip also included a prolonged stay in Innsbruck, a city I used to live for seven years. I was talking about not overdoing panoramas earlier and this is already almost too much. As you can see, panoramas do not get horizontally wider as you add more images, they get vertically narrower.
Here, just a small part of the previous view is pictured, the image is however not less compelling.
The Maria-Theresien-Straße is the center of Innsbrucks old town.
The colorful houses in front of the Nordkette are one of the best photo spots the city has to offer. These were taken in the morning. I used a pole of the railing and a beanbag as a makeshift tripod.
Lake Reschen is an artificial lake in north-western South Tyrol. It acts as a water reservoir for a hydro-power plant. For its creation the town of Alt-Graun had to be flooded. The clock tower from the 14th century church is the only visible reminder that a town used to be there.
View on the town of Planeil that still has a very authentic character.

I hope you liked this in-betweener - my next update will be an actual article series on my trip to Portugal.

Thanks for reading!

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