Recent images from my USA trip - Christmas 2019

Febuary 8, 2020

Since this is not a real travel article I will just show the pictures with some minor annotations.

Mission ConcepciĆ³n in San Antonio, TX.
Mission San Jose, just a few miles further down on Mission Road.
The Texas Capitol in Austin before ...
... and after sunset. Photographing buildings always has the complication of having a lot of useless foreGROUND on the image if you don't want to tilt the camera upward (which you shouldn't!). The inverted rotunda that was added during the capitol extension in 1993 solves this problem nicely.
Skyline of Austin.
Jackson square in New Orleans with Christmas decorations.
Bourbon Street, the most famous street in New Orleans' French Quarter.
View over the French Quarter.
New Orleans skyline.
Destrehan Plantation, a few miles west of New Orleans.
Interior views of the main building.

Thanks for reading!

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