When I think about the perks of being a hobbyist photographer three major ideas come to my mind.

First of all, doing something for passion should by definition enable better results than doing it for profit. So being a devoted amateur should mean creating better images than being an income dependent, schedule directed stressed out professional.

Secondly, I can't think of a more relaxing way of spending your leisure time than wandering through the countryside, consciously looking for photographic opportunities. As a photographer one has the unique prospect to escape ‘real life', forgetting about daily problems and responsibilities and only concentrating on the light, the subject and the composition.

Thirdly, photography offers a very different perspective. For example capturing details that happen only within a tiny fraction of a second can reveal the formerly unseen. Have you ever noticed that the eyelids of birds of prey are transparent to enable them to see even when their eyes are closed?

Photography is a task of creation, making something out of nothing, having an idea, forming an image in your mind and just then thinking about how to capture it. It's about making a picture not taking a picture.

I think you now have a better idea ‘about me' than if I listed my photographic history in tabular form. In case you wondered about my experimental way of using the English language you probably figured correctly that I'm not a native speaker – I'm from Austria.


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