Best of 2019

This gallery contains what I consider to be the countdown of my best images from 2019:

- 10 -

The shot through the Keyhole of the Knights of Malta presented some special challenges. I put a little how-to into my Rome article if you want to try it for yourself one day.

- 9 -

Skyline of Austin. I don't think I ever took one of those typical skyscraper cityscapes at dusk before so I'm quite happy with the result.

- 8 -

Tivat at the Bay of Kotor is just so photogenic that all you need to do is bring your camera with a tripod and you'll be rewarded with all the dreamy small town in the mountains, at the bay - images you could ever wish for.

- 7 -

Persistence was key to get this classic view of the Vatican over the Tiber. I tried to take this picture over the course of multiple days until one day the conditions were right.

- 6 -

My much too short visit to Japan was one one of the highlights of this year. Yasaka Pagoda in the historic center of Kyoto.

- 5 -

The Texas State Capitol in Austin.

- 4 -

I'm especially happy about this image of Lake Biograd since I was able to take it just two days after suffering a pretty bad hiking accident. I could still only limp very slowly and carefully on that day after partially tearing multiple tendons in my ankle. It was possible to park almost right next to the spot this image was taken, otherwise I couldn't have made it.

- 3 -

The unforgettable view over Lake Skadar. A few clouds would have been nice but I'm happy that the light was good and that I found the best viewpoint in time.

- 2 -

I actually did not expect much of this image from the Colosseum when I took it. This was only my 'backup' photo spot of the morning but the light coming through the arches and the great reflection make it a true and unexpected winner.

- 1 -

In the case of the Kinkaku-ji my expectations were even lower. It is not possible to access the grounds during the interesting part of the day, it was forbidden to use a tripod and the weekend I spent in Kyoto was constantly overcast and offered no interesting light whatsoever. Those are the perfect ingredients of getting no shot at all. But sometimes out of reasons no one can really understand multiple negatives can make a positive. The soft light just accentuates the peaceful atmosphere and is contrasted by the darkening clouds. The gold and green colors go very well together and the result is an unexpectedly good image - my favorite of the year even.

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