Best of 2020

This gallery contains what I consider to be the countdown of my best images from 2020:

This past year was unlike any other during my lifetime and the constant lock-downs and travel restrictions have taken a significant toll on my photographic output. For that reason, for the first time, I will only display my five best images of 2020 since the selection of images wasn't sufficient to display 10 images of the quality that I (and you) have come to expect.

- 5 -

Nationalpark Gesäuse, Styria, Austria. With travel restrictions in place my home country has shifted more into focus as a photo destination this year. This image was taken in one of Austria's six National Parks.

- 4 -

Wroclaw Main Square. This image originates from my only big trip in 2020 to Poland. Even though the weather wasn't great I think the atmosphere is captured quite well.

- 3 -

The poster image of Polish national parks - Morskie Oko. I timed it so that the moon ends up exactly above the Mnich (Monk).

- 2 -

As already mentioned, travel wasn't easy if not outright impossible this year and because of that I tried to take photos in my immediate surroundings. For this image I really did not have to venture far - a 20 minute walk was all that's needed for this picture of my hometown Fiss in Tyrol. I took the virtually same image once in spring and once in winter - which one you prefer I leave up to you. Two impressions of my second favorite picture of the year.

- 1 -

Encountering the largest land mammal of Europe in an open field before sunrise was my probably most memorable experience of 2020. Although this image has some technical limitations due to the extreme low light situation I think it turned out pretty great, especially the atmosphere is well captured. Also I'm quite positive that there will be some AI that can perfectly remove the high-ISO noise in the not too far future.

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