Best of 2020

This gallery contains what I consider to be the countdown of my best images from 2022:

After skipping one year where I almost didn't take any pictures at all, the "Best of" category of images finally makes a return for 2022. While there wasn't a large selection to choose from this year either, I managed to get some decent shots which are presented below. Almost all of the images are form my trip to Spain (my only big trip in this year).

- 10 -

A dragon of the dragon bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

- 9 -

The statue of "La Regenta", the main character of the novel of the same name by Leopoldo Alas in front of the Cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo.
This is one of the instances where it just wasn't possible to fit everything I wanted in the frame and still keep a "normal" viewing angle. If that is the case my advice is to really and obviously tilt the image but to still stick to the existing geometry wherever possible. You can see this on the building to the right and also the bottom part of the railing that are perfectly aligned with the respective edges of the frame.

- 8 -

Lago Ercina, the smaller one of the Lakes of Covadonga in front of a spectacular mountain panorama in the Picos de Europa national park in Asturias.

- 7 -

This soaring vulture in the soft morning light was captured in the exceptional Monfragüe national park.

- 6 -

Congress square and Ljubljana Castle.

- 5 -

A small brook somewhere in Asturias. The spot was almost completely shaded by overhanging cliffs which allowed for a long exposure shot. A few rays of light coming throug the leafy canopy acentuate the mossy rocks.

- 4 -

The Cathedral of Salamanca at the Tormes river.

- 3 -

The famous view on Naranjo de Bulnes in the Picos de Europa National Park.

- 2 -

Street in Zaragoza. Street photography is not normally one of my preferred fields but I like to try my hand at it every once in a while.

- 1 -

Tree and Waterfall in the Pyrenees.

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