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Miramare Castle near Trieste during the golden hour.

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March 2024

Recharging and regrouping: An update on my photographic endeavors

It has been quite some time since my last update, and I’d like to provide some context. During my last holiday, unforeseen difficulties arose, making it impossible for me to capture new images. While I can’t delve into specifics just yet, I am still actively working to resolve these challenges. In the near future, I hope to share more about my experiences and the path forward.

On a brighter note, I’m thrilled to announce that I have an exciting adventure planned for this year — a big trip that promises ample opportunities for photography. The anticipation of exploring new landscapes, meeting diverse cultures, and witnessing breathtaking moments fills me with renewed inspiration. As always, your support means the world to me, and I promise to keep the creative flame alive.

Even though I can't invest as much time into this site, and photography in general, as I used to, I'd like to thank you for still being a part of my photographic journey.

Also, for now I have visited the northern Italian city of Trieste recently and I'd like to share just a handful of images.

January 2023

Best of 2022

After skipping one year where I almost didn't take any pictures at all, the "Best of" category of images finally makes a return for 2022. While there wasn't a large selection to choose from this year either, I managed to get some decent shots.

November 2022

Photos from Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is only a short train ride from my home - yet I never had visited it before. I have created a little page that contains some of my shots from my visit.

August 2022

Spain 2022: Third article published

The conclusion to the 2022 Spain trip features some more of the great landscapes, especially of the Ordesa y Monte Perdido and Monfragüe national parks. The former being my favorite park in terms of landscapes (the towering mountains never fail to impress) while the latter provided the pinnacle of bird life to observe.

July 2022

Spain 2022: Second article published

In the second article of the series I'd like to focus on my favorite photographic topics. From the spectacular Picos de Europa National Park to the lush forests of Asturias this article contains all kinds of landscapes from northern Spain. Additionally I mixed some wildlife in there to keep things interesting.

June 2022

First update after a long time

After an unexpectedly long hiatus, I have finally had the opportunity to go on a trip and take some pictures that I will upload here over the next couple of weeks. I have hardly done any photography over the last one and a half years, mainly due to the pandemic and also because I have spent my time and energy on other projects. You may have noticed that I did not publish a best of 2021 gallery - simply because I didn't have anything to show for.

In May I visited Spain for the second time after seven years and I have used the opportunity to take some pictures of the fantastic places of the northern part of the country.

Spain 2022: First article published

In this first installment of the second article series on Spain I'm showing some of the of the cities I visited. From Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo, Pamplona, Zaragoza and Madrid - the highlights and best views are collected in this piece.

February 2021

Best of 2020

This past year was unlike any other during my lifetime and the constant lock-downs and travel restrictions have taken a significant toll on my photographic output. For that reason, for the first time, I will only display my five best images of 2020 since the selection of images wasn't sufficient to display 10 images of the quality that I (and you) have come to expect.

October 2020

Poland 2020: Second article published

After exploring the southeastern part of the country I headed north towards the capital Warsaw and the famous Białowieża National Park - one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. There I encountered one of the most majestic wild animals this continent still has to offer: the European bison. Find out more.

September 2020

Poland 2020: Fist article published

It wasn't clear if it would happen this year but I did get to go on a trip and take some photos! This time I'm happy I can present you the highlights of my trip to Poland with pictures and some short descriptions. Part two will be published shortly!

July 2020

Photos from home

Due to the travel restrictions I am currently unable to pursue travel photography. This however means that I have more time to take some pictures from my home. Since I normally don't do much photography in Tyrol although it is without a doubt the most beautiful landscape in the world, this is the time to take at least some pictures and show them here. I have created a little page that contains some of my shots from the spring of 2020.

April 2020

Statistics 2010-2020

What a chain of events we had to experience over the last few weeks. I had big plans for 2020 but they got vetoed by some bat soup loving gourmet in Wuhan.

Now, with the whole world in quarantine it is rather difficult to pursue outdoor hobbies. To fill the downtime I did a little project that I wanted to do for a while now. I created some photo statistics of all my photos from back in 2010 up until today. Various properties are examined to get to interesting and sometimes unexpected conclusions. This article is really different to the other articles I did in the past and makes for an interesting read even if you're not a statistics nerd like me.

Gallery overhaul with thematic galleries

Another administrative change I implemented is an update of the gallery section.

I removed all the old galleries and replaced them with thematic galleries around the themes of Landscape, Animals, Architecture, Urban and Macro. The gallery is now much more compact and includes only images of higher quality.

February 2020

Just some images from my recent USA trip

I've assembled some of my shots from my Christmas USA trip and created a small 'recent images article', which is not an actual article its just some images with annotations. Unfortunately I couldn't spend so much time on photography so I only have a handful of images to show.

January 2020

Best of 2019

The year 2019 was, in contrast to 2018, a very good photographic year for me. Trips to Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Japan and the USA provided me with ample opportunity to get some good shots. While there is no truly exceptional image in the list this year, I never had this many potential photographs to choose from. See the best results of my photographic year here.

In other news

I spent the end of the year in the southern US but I didn't get around to take a lot of images. I'm planning on publishing a very small set of those in a few days.

Another thing that I'd really like to do is a major update of the gallery section of this website. I think it got quite convoluted over time and needs some major changes. I don't have a concrete idea how to do this still but I'm working on a solution.

September 2019

A short visit to Kyoto

On a recent business trip to Japan I had the chance to spend a few days on photography in Kyoto. I have assembled a small article with some images.

August 2019

Montenegro 2019: Second article published

The second and final part of my Montenegro series is here! This one is about the area around sunny Budva and also the best parts of the higher elevated back country.

July 2019

Montenegro 2019: First article published

Due to a very busy schedule at the moment I needed a bit of extra time to finish my first article about my amazing trip to Montenegro, but now its here! If you have never heard of this small country in the Balkans then it's about time, because it has so much to offer especially in terms of its immensely diverse landscape.

Upcoming trip to Asia

I will embark on an unexpected business trip to China and Japan shortly. Although I will definitely not have much time to do photography (if any!) I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get a handful of shots at least in Japan. I'll post them here if it works out for me!

May 2019

I recently returned from Rome, Italy with a batch of new photos as well as a new travel article. I believe I picked out the best time of year to visit Rome, since the (mainly) perfect weather and the streets not yet filled with the large flux of summer tourists was entirely advantageous to my photography sojourn. I was able to take some shots of this historic city which you can see in the article. From the classic sights of the Colosseum and St. Peter's Basilica to the tranquil hills of Giancolo, I hope you are also able to travel the streets of this remarkable city with me.

April 2019

Status update

The photographic season 2019 has finally begun for me with a recent trip to Rome. I spent a little over a week in Italy's capital city and had ample time to explore it photographically. Although I've been to Italy many times this was my first visit to Rome itself. I'm currently assembling an article of my experiences that I'll publish shortly.

My first big trip this year will lead me to one of the youngest countries in the world, the southern European Montenegro. I'll be spending a little over three weeks there which means I'm already pretty busy researching the best places and potential photo locations. I'll be down there in June.

January 2019

Top 10 images of 2018

I finally came around to assembling the 'Best of' images of last year, which is a January tradition here on This time the series is heavily dominated by the only big trip I undertook in 2018 - Portugal. Please take a look here.

Portugal gallery

I also uploaded a more complete gallery of Portugal to the gallery section.

November 2018

Portugal 2018: Third and final article published

Since there was already an article about the north of the country, it's not hard to guess that the south will get some attention in this one. Especially the world famous Algarve coast and the historic monuments of Sintra are pictured in the best light.

October 2018

Portugal 2018: Second article published

To mix things up a bit I'd like to make the second part of the Portugal series wildlife themed. I had some very limited time to spend on bird photography and the result can be seen in this article.

Portugal 2018: First article published

In my first article in the Portugal series, I focus on places in northern Portugal. Follow this link to see more.

September 2018

I just returned from Portugal and am very busy organizing and editing the many images I was able to take. I'm confident that there are a few that are quite good, although I had a bit of tough luck with the weather in some of the key places I had on my list. I'll try to create my first article about my experiences soon.

August 2018

On a short trip to Tyrol I took a handful of pictures that I'd like to share. I'll once again use the newly established recent images article format. See some images with annotations here.

I'll leave for my Portugal trip in a few days. It will lead me from Porto all the way down to the Algarve coast with many things to explore and hopefully photograph in between. My next update should be ready around the end of September / beginning of October. It's my only big trip this year and the pressure to deliver is accordingly high - wish me luck!

July 2018

Before my big trip this year I'd like to fill that dry spell this site has experienced over the last few months with some more recent images. To make things more interesting I put them in an article-like format and added some descriptions. I hope you'll enjoy those!

June 2018

Status update

As you may have noticed it has been rather quiet here recently. I did not come around to shoot much these days.

I'll go home to Tyrol for about one and a half weeks end of July and I'm planning to do some photography there. I'd also like to visit some places that are actually really close to my hometown but I've never been to (such as Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria). In September I'll go for my only trip abroad this year which will be to Portugal. I'm currently in the planning phase for that trip and I'm sure there will be amazing places to see and photograph.

Now apart from all that there is another huge topic I'm currently exploring. About two months ago I decided to get an umbrella. You know - for flash photography, not for rain. I did a few studio projects and then some outdoor stuff, but since I'm only a beginner in this regard I don't like to share that stuff here since it's not the quality I expect from published photos.

Fairly soon I also realized my Speedlite 430EX-II won't cut it so I upgraded to the Canon RT system. I got an amazing deal on a second-hand professional lighting kit which consists of two 600EX-RT flashes and a ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter. I added that stuff to the gear section of this site.

To not make this a complete non-update, I put a couple of images into my recent images folder. Other than that I can only ask for some patience.

February 2018

Short Trip to Bled, Slovenia

I spent a long weekend in Bled recently, mainly for the hot springs, but of course I'll use any opportunity to get some pictures. The location around Lake Bled is amazing and offers a variety of great opportunities, I was however very unlucky with the weather. Almost constant snow and fog basically ruined all my ambitions for great shots. Whats left is some usable stuff from the first afternoon and some monochromes due to the absence of usable light. They do not warrant their own gallery so I put them into the recent images folder if you'd like to take a look.

January 2018

Top 10 images of 2017

As it has become some kind of tradition here on, I'd like to re-live the past photographic year via selecting the images that I consider to be the best and create a little gallery about them. This year was dominated by landscapes especially from Ireland and Italy. See my best images of 2017 here.

December 2017

To my surprise I found out that I hadn't created a gallery for my Ireland trip yet. This mistake was now corrected and I'd like to proudly present the Ireland 2017 gallery. Better late than never!

November 2017

The Italy 2017 gallery has been added to the gallery page.

October 2017

A short article about my visit to Italy is now available for your enjoyment. Find it here.


I just got back from my trip to southern Italy and will create a short article about it as soon as I get to it. Stay tuned for updates!

September 2017

Ireland 2017: Second article published

The second part of my Ireland series is now available with more pictures and more tutorials. Enjoy!

August 2017

Ireland 2017: First article published

So, the first of two articles about my trip to Ireland is up. This article is a bit different to what you've seen before on this site so please check it out.

Ireland - along the Wild Atlantic Way

I've just returned from an amazing trip through Ireland that lead me from County Mayo in the north all the way to County Cork in the south of the Island. I tried to get my very own viewpoint on the various landscapes along the Wild Atlantic Way - one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. As you can imagine I have quite some material to work through and I'd also like to create some articles on the trip. I hope I'll have a proper update soon.

I've just returned from an amazing trip through Ireland that lead me from County Mayo in the north all the way to County Cork in the south of the Island. I tried to get my very own viewpoint on the various landscapes along the Wild Atlantic Way - one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. As you can imagine I have quite some material to work through and I'd also like to create some articles on the trip. I hope I'll have a proper update soon.

June 2017

Zagreb and what comes next

In the last few weeks there wasn't much going on around here - especially due to a lack of time and opportunities for photography. I visited Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and this update includes a small gallery from the trip.

Apart from that I will visit Ireland in July where I think I'll be able to get some good shots, so the first major update for this summer will probably happen sometime in August. Later this year I'd also like to go to southern Italy. For that I'm currently in the planning phase.

March 2017

Gallery Updates

As announced I did a massive technical update of all my galleries during the last few weeks. They are now more modern with better image quality and greatly enhanced user experience. Check them out on my gallery page.

Trip to Prague

I was in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic for a few days and it goes without saying that I used the time for some photography in this beautiful city.

Prague is one of the five most visited cities in Europe and a major cultural center with many of its historic architecture intact.

I have invested quite some work in my gallery feature by completely revamping the appearance and function of the galleries and the Prague images will act as my first test run. The images now have a nicer presentation with more intuitive navigation regardless of being viewed on a PC or mobile device. If the new system proves itself I'll start updating all of the existing galleries and not to forget the galleries of my USA trip still have to be added. Please check out the photos from Prague and if you want I'd be happy to get some feedback on the new gallery design.

January 2017

USA 2016: Sixth article published

I have uploaded a final wildlife article about some marine wildlife of the Californian coast that concludes the series about my trip to the USA. I hope you enjoyed it!

Best images of 2016

Just like for the previous years I have assembled a small gallery that contains the, in my opinion, best images that I got in 2016 with some short explanations. See it here.

December 2016

USA 2016: Fifth article published

Here I'd like to present the second installment of the landscape photos! This time around I am traveling in the area of the Rocky Mountains as well as various places in California. The different locations all provided breathtaking views of nature in it's purest form.

USA 2016: Fourth article published

In this article, I share with you select images of big game wildlife that I encountered throughout the trip at various destinations, mostly in the national parks. Through a bit of trial and tribulation, I was able to find and photograph wildlife that is not to be found in Europe.

November 2016

USA 2016: Third article published

A road trip from Texas to California would, of course, not be complete without some cityscape photos. Included in these photos are some more recognizable cities, such as Los Angeles and San Fransisco where I seized the opportunity to round-out my USA photo repertoire. See it here.

October 2016

USA 2016: Second article published

The journey continues with the first landscape article in the USA series. I'd like to show you some typical hot and dry landscapes of the American Southwest. Another landscape related editorial is going to follow soon.

USA 2016: First article published

I just uploaded my first of several articles about my trip to the USA with brand new premium image quality as announced. This one is about some smaller wildlife that I encountered.

September 2016

Back from the USA

After more than 2 months and 8000 kilometers I have finally returned from the USA and I have brought a plethora of new images with me! There is a ton of stuff to work through for me right now but I hope that I'll be able to provide a real update very soon. As always after my big trips I'm planning on writing some short articles so that I can also share some of my experiences from the trip and provide some background info to my images. But of course that will take some time so once more I'd like to ask for your patience.

Technical update

I have recently looked at my website with some of the latest generation of devices that feature ultra high resolution displays and I must say that my images did not fare so well. So I have decided to increase the resolution for the featured image as well as the images in my articles and galleries to give you the best possible viewing experience when you enjoy my site on your state-of-the-art piece of technology. I will also gradually update most of my old articles as soon as my provider allows (there is quite some stuff that I'll have to re-upload).

July 2016

Upcoming trip to the United States

From beginning of July till mid September I'm going to travel the American Southwest, primarily in search for some landscape and wildlife photography. I'm flying to San Antonio, TX and will do a round trip from there. I'm planning to visit Albuquerqe, Santa Fe, Durango, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, El Paso and many other places, also including some national parks of course.

During my trip I will not have proper access to a computer so I unfortunately cannot do any website updates in the meantime. I do hope to have some good shots when I get back and I'm planning to create new articles and galleries starting in September.

May 2016

New gallery: Salzburg 2016

I visited Salzburg over a long weekend and obviously used the opportunity to take some pictures. Some images turned out quite well. See for yourself.

March 2016

New gallery: Venice 2016

The gallery with some more images from Venice has been uploaded to the gallery section.

New article: Venice 2016

I have uploaded my short editorial about my trip to Venice in February. See it here.

And another status update...

I'm finished with editing and sorting my images from my recent trip to Venice and I'm going to get started to create a little article about my experiences there. I hope that I'll be finished within a week. Only a short while longer until I can provide some real updates!!

February 2016

Status update

I must admit that there wasn't happening much within the last few weeks here at Thankfully this is going to change soon with my upcoming trip to Venice, which will officially open the 2016 photography season. I hope that I'll have new images ready at the beginning of March - stay tuned!

January 2016

Best of galleries added

Winter is usually a photographically rather inactive phase for me and also the time for reflection on the achievements of the last year. I went through my images of 2015 and selected the ones I liked most, to create a little best of section for my galleries. To make it complete I also created a best of 2014 gallery which marked the first year of

New article: Is digital ruining photography?

Additionally I also used my free time over the holidays to create an article about how I perceive digital photography is (negatively) affecting our photographic vision. See it here.

December 2015

Spain: Special places article and gallery uploaded

In the fourth and final article about Spain I'd like you to introduce you to some extraordinary places that I was able to visit during my trip. I also uploaded the complete gallery of the trip just in case you want to see even more images than I already provided in my articles.


The third part of my Spain series is finished. I know that many visitors of my site enjoy the wildlife images the most and I tried to make this one a little different than my usual articles.

There is one more article about Spain to come, and that one will deal with some special places I visited.

November 2015

Travel photography: Spain - Cities and Architecture - Part 2

The second part of my article series is online. This one contains images from the south of Spain - namely Cartagena, Granada, Malaga and Seville.

This is the last article about cities and architecture, but two more articles that focus on other topics are about to come soon.

October 2015

Travel photography: Spain - Cities and Architecture - Part 1

I proudly present to you the first article in the Spain series. I'm planning on creating a total of four articles like with my previous trip. This time however I'm trying out a new approach – the articles will not be in chronological order but will be sorted thematically. The first two parts are about cities and architecture, the topic of article three and four must remain secret for now. I hope you like surprises as much as I do!


I just returned from Spain, which means that an awful lot of sorting, tagging and editing of images has to be done. I'd also like to create an article (or article series) on this trip. It will probably not be as detailed as my Scotland articles but I haven't decided how to do it yet. I hope my first real update will be finished soon - in the meantime a big thank you to all my patient readers!

September 2015

Scotland gallery added

I have added a more complete set of images from my Scotland trip to the gallery. See it here.

Website status update

I will depart to a trip to Spain soon and will therefore not be able to make any updates to the site within the next few weeks. My trip will lead me from Barcelona along the Mediterranean coast all the way down to Seville. I hope that I'll be able to create some decent images to make up for the wait!

August 2015

Fourth Scotland article published

The fourth and final article is complete and ready for your enjoyment!

I also included some information about my opinion on the weather sealing of the Canon 5D Mark III. Since Canon does not provide warranty on water damaged gear (and to my knowledge no other camera manufacturer either), the claim of the "weather resistance" of professional grade cameras is questioned by many, including myself. During my trip I could expand my experience on the topic quite a bit and I'd like to share some of this info with you.

Third Scotland article published

The third part which deals with my experiences on the Isle of Skye is up! Landscape photography-wise this was probably the best part of my Scotland trip, although it didn't quite work out as I had wished for. For details and some images please take a look!

July 2015

Short visit to Hallstatt

You don't always have to go far to find a magical place for taking pictures. In this case I visited the town of Hallstatt in Upper Austria, just a few hours from home. Hallstatt has a long history of producing salt, which was historically a very costly resource. The salt mine a few hundred meters above the town is still in use today and can also be visited. The town is a world famous World Heritage Site and also the type site for the Hallstatt culture - the predominant Central European culture from the 8th to 6th centuries BC.

It also made the news just recently because parts of the village including the adjacent lake were copied by the Chinese! I promise however that all the images in the gallery are from the Austrian original.

Those of you that are waiting on my next Scotland articles I can assure that I'm well aware that two articles are yet to be published - but I think a little diversity doesn't hurt so I wanted to share the Hallstatt images first. I'll upload the articles shortly so please stay tuned!

June 2015

Second Scotland article published

Today - June 27, 2015 - marks the one-year anniversary of! To celebrate the occasion I uploaded the second part of my article series on Scotland. If you liked the first part you'll like this one even better – because it is! My intention is to upload the remaining two articles within the next two months.

First Scotland article published

I just finished and uploaded the first of four parts of my article series on Scotland - I hope you enjoy.

The second part should follow in about two weeks!

May 2015

Status update

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful for me and I just returned from my Scotland trip. I'm basically finished with sorting, tagging and editing the (about 600) images I brought home, but I'd like to create a series of articles very much like I did after my Estonia trip from last year.

To make the wait shorter for you I'll split it up in more smaller parts and release them sequentially. Still, I need to prepare all the content, select the images I want to show, write all the text and so on, so I must ask for your patience.

What I can promise you right away however is that there will be some very nice shots to be seen!

April 2015

New gallery: recent images

As a passionate hobbyist photographer I try to take pictures as often as I can, but due to my generally limited free time it is not always possible to create enough quality images to fill a gallery with. Most of the time I can only get one or two decent shots from an outing and I put some thought into the question of how to present these on my website. I think a quite easy and working solution is the creation of a recent images gallery where I keep adding just a couple images every time I update the site.

I have added a handful of pictures to this new gallery – click here if you'd like to take a look.

Upcoming trip to Scotland

In a couple of weeks I will take off for my trip to Scotland. On my round-trip I'll be visiting Edinburgh, Inverness, Loch Ness, Skye, Oban and Glasgow. If you have an idea about some interesting places to take photos, please let me know by mail and should you even happen to live in the area we could probably also meet up and go on a little shooting session together! I'll be there mid to end of May.

March 2015

New gallery: Hungary 2015

I went to a short trip to Hungary with a focus on the capital Budapest recently and I have uploaded some images from the trip to my gallery. I think there are some keepers there so definitely take a look!

February 2015

Weekend trip to Maribor

I had the opportunity to go to a weekend trip to the Slovenian town of Maribor recently, and obviously I used the short time available to get some shots of the old town and the surrounding area. The gallery is a very small one since I only had one evening to take pictures, but I have included some tips how to efficiently plan ahead to maximize the results of a brief city trip.

Picture numbers in gallery added

On a side note: Some of my readers have made me aware of the fact that since I didn't use any numbering scheme in my galleries it was very hard to refer to an image. I have changed this now and every image in my galleries now has a dedicated number.

January 2015

Download page updated

Photography-wise I'm experiencing some kind of winter hibernation at the time. I'm sure that I'll be able to post some new images pretty soon but at the moment I hope you are content with a long overdue update of the download page.

November 2014

Travel photography: Estonia 2014 - Part 2

The second and final part of my article series about my photo trip to Estonia and Latvia in May 2014, with a special emphasis on the island of Saaremaa is now online.
Additionally I have also uploaded a more complete set of images from my trip to the gallery section. This is my biggest gallery by far as of yet, but maybe you have some extra time on your hands...

Travel photography: Estonia 2014 - Part 1

The first part of my article series about my photo trip to Estonia and Latvia in May 2014 is up. Check out the article section for the details.

October 2014

New gallery: Sunrise over Graz

Saturday should be the day to sleep in and relax from the stresses and strains of the week. As an alternative you can however also use your free time to get out at dawn and follow your passion. Sometimes it can be worth it...


UPDATE: Since I really enjoyed the experience of this shooting session I repeated it, this time on a slightly different location. The circumstances - especially the weather - were very different compared to the first outing which led to images with a fairly different atmosphere. The images have been added to the original gallery.

September 2014

Landscape shots added to gallery

I know this is my first update since some time but I had to sort out some personal issues in the last couple of months. This unfortunately forced me to massively cut down on my photography and my website. For now I have added some images to the gallery that I took in August in the vicinity of my hometown.

A big update about my photo trip in Estonia is going to follow soon, so please have some more patience.

July 2014

Gear page updated

I added sample images for all the lenses in my gear list (except the 50mm f/1.8 II - I just realized that I'm basically not using this lens any more! I couldn't find five images that I liked and that were made with this lens).

June 2014 goes online!

WOW. Finally. Who would have thought that creating a website would be so much work? Not me to be sure, but I have spared no expenses to create a platform where I can share my photography, my knowledge and ideas.

So what can you find on this site?

Well, since I'm quite a noob when it comes to web design this site is based on a very simple layout.

The backbone and main reason for creating this site is the gallery. As you can guess this is the place where I showcase my photos. If you go there now you may notice that it's still rather empty to this day but be ensured that I intend on changing this rather quickly. I have assembled some sort of a best of category of all my pre-Focrates era images and new items will be added soon, so be sure to check for updates regularly.

In the article section you can find some useful information about photography technique, work flow, experiences and a lot more. As with the gallery please don't go hard on me since there isn't a lot of content there right from the beginning but I will try to make a habit of creating a new article every couple of months. At the moment you can find my pre-Focrates 'Configuring your 5D Mark III AF for fast action' article that gained quite a bit of fame in the photography world and my new editorial about post-processing in digital photography. Since creating high quality content takes its time I ask for your patience in this regard.

If you are maybe looking for some wallpapers for you computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device you should definitely check out the download page. I will also add new images over time here so check back now and then.

It is obvious that there are some geeks out there which are very interested in the gear I use, so for them I have created a quick overview of the most important parts of my kit including some brief descriptions and opinions.

Finally, if you have any questions, remarks, complaints or anything else you'd like to share with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have fun on my site!